The PROFESSIONAL personal breathalyzer is used to measure the alcohol concentration in exhaled air. It will certainly not disappoint the expectations of the user who needs the breathalyzer for “home” use. This model is very handy and will not take up too much space thanks to its small size. The easy-to-read display makes operation easy. The breathalyzer is operated with a single button and is therefore very easy to use. The tester requires the use of a mouthpiece. The easy-to-read LCD display shows the test result from zero to four per mille.

The breathalyzer was equipped with a sensitive electrochemical sensor, the components of which were prepared, among others, in Great Britain, which proves the high quality of their workmanship. The reliability of the breathalyzer is very high, and the measurement precision reaches +/- 0.07 ‰ BAC at 0.5 ‰.

measuring range:
0,00‰ – 4,00‰
measurement precision:
± 0.07 ‰ at 0.5 ‰ at 25 ° C
calibration every:
12 months
or 600 measurements


Calibration is a concept inherent in any breathalyzer. This means that every 12 months or 600 measurements, the breathalyser must be reconfigured so that it correctly interprets the readings of the wearable sensor.

The need for calibration is indicated by messages and results that differ significantly from reality – e.g. 0.5 ‰ despite the lack of alcohol consumption.

How does it work?

Breathalyzers differ from each other not only in terms of parameters but also in the way they function and perform measurements. Alcoforce PROFESSIONAL is a modern and accurate device.

Not just any interior

Sensor A specialized fuel cell that generates an electric charge by a chemical reaction that "burns" alcohol. This high-quality sensor allows you to make as many as 500 measurements within 12 months without a significant change in the performance characteristics. After exceeding these parameters, in order to maintain high precision, the device should be calibrated.

Flow sensor
Flow detector. It detects the exhaled air passing through the device and, based on the time of exhalation, activates the collection of a sample for analysis.

Sampling selenoid Takes an air sample for analysis. The precision and repeatability of this element are crucial to the reliability of the device.

Buzzer built-in speaker
informs about the measurement progress by
means of an acoustic signal.

Signal processor Analyzes the signal generated by the sensor and calculates the amount of alcohol detected in the air sample


  • 1. Breathalyzer
  • 2. mouthpieces 2 pcs.
  • 3. packaging
  • 4. AAA alkaline batteries 2pcs.
  • 5. instructions

Technical Specification

sensor type: : electrochemical
measuring range
and accuracy
of the presented result:
: 0,00‰ – 4,00‰
with an accuracy of 0,01‰
measurement accuracy: ± 0.07 ‰ at 0.5 ‰
calibration : yes – every 12 months or 500 measurements

replaceable sensor : yes, by the service
requires a mouthpiece : yes
type and number of batteries: : 2 x AAA 1,5V alkaline
weight and dimensions
of the product (width/high/depth):
: 47 x 114 x 24 mm
84 g with batteries


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